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Jocelyn Bolling earned her Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Maryland in 1982, and her J.D. at The University of Baltimore School of Law in 1988. From 1990 to 2000 Ms. Bolling practiced law in Washington DC where she specialized in corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, entertainment law, copyrighting law, and trademark law. In 2001 Ms. Bolling moved to Charleston, SC where she continues to practice commercial, corporate trademark and copyright law.Ms. Bolling is an active member of the South Carolina Bar Association & Charleston Bar Association, and a former member of the District of Columbia Bar Association & Maryland State Bar Association.

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Phone: 843-345-1207 E-Mail: jocelyn@bollinglawoffice.com Address: PO Box 2039 Mount Pleasant, SC 29465 Business hours Monday – Friday 9am to...

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*NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS* After your passing, your worries and needs on earth may be over, but the very long and difficult process of...