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Company Formation
Company Formation law generally deals with incorporation, limited liability companies, partnerships and S Corporations. To properly protect your personal assets from business liabilities it is important to consider the type of entity that will be utilized for your business activities. Each business entity has a different tax consequence. These articles are for information only and should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice or the advice of your tax accountant.
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Estate Planning
Your estate planning documents (Will, Trust, Health Care Directive) are critical documents needed to ensure your wishes and intentions are carried out. These documents protect you when you are incapacitated and pass your property onto loved ones after your dearth.
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Copyright Law
Copyright protects the expression of an idea but not the idea itself.  The expression of an idea not only extends to the words used to protect the idea, but often to the sequence of the ideas presented. Copyrights generally apply to logos, animated characters, movies, music, books, computer programs, architectural drawings, artwork and sculpture.
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Probate Law
Probate Law refers to a legal process whereby a deceased person transfers his property to his heirs.
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Estate Planning

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